The Star Venue Broadcast Platforms!

                          This is the Payment Centre for a Private Broadcasters Group.
                                                 Contact Your Promoter for the Purchase Price


1. The Broadcaster,be it a Band,an online Music Teacher, lecturer, registers to book an Event Broadcast.
2. We supply a link to the Broadcast Platform room.
3. They Advertise the Event and send links  to this page,and the Audience buys a Ticket. The Ticket should be purchased at least a day or half a day in advance.  
Once the Ticket has been paid (£s) at the Paypal Button,you follow the instructions below!

1. Contact Customer Services via the Skype address below to receive 
The address /and or code access to the Live Event!

2. Paste a Copy of the PayPal landing Page to provide evidence of ticket purchase,via the Form,and the Concert Broadcast Video Room link will be sent to you from the Skype Chat Room or email! 

If you need your access codes immediately or within 5 minutes then call or text with the Skype button above.